Who We Are

Heavenly Inc. is a company who specializes in providing courses of various subjects, and has it's own kitchen for all catering needs.

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Who We Are


The Heavenly Inc. Company is a family run Business with a combination in Professional Training and genuine family passion along with our style comes our reasonable pricing.

About Catering Division

Catering Division

Food Catering for Events

The Heavenly Catering Department is run by Kevin and Thelma Flynn who have been in the Catering Business for 10 years now. They cater for all Events, they are prepared to offer a tailor made menu to all Customers, or there is a choice of set menus.
All Food is freshly prepared under the watchful eye of Thelma Flynn while her Partner Kevin Flynn organizes the events requirements. These two people have managed to make an amazing Company from good strong feedback and constant improvements, and tweaking of menus. This is why they refuse to stop doing what they love and promise to bring a smile to everyone`s face, from the first bite.

About Helper Division

Heavenly Helpers Division

Courses Designed for Helpers

Heavenly Helpers Department is organized by Lisa Flynn and Thelma Flynn. They have created these Training Courses to help Employees find their way and understand the importance of doing the tasks correctly and in a timely fashion. From opening the windows to Guest preparation and Hotel bed making to laundry. There is a lot more that they do and have accomplished in this past year and they are so excited that their Team is growing. These Courses are designed to bring organization and happiness to your home.

Lodge Prep Division

Lodge & B&B Prep

Lodge Preperation

Heavenly Lodges and B&B Preparation and Service are under Lisa and Thelma Flynn as they run their Courses along with our other Trainers. They show each individual what is required from Table setting, Bedroom Organization, Guest Etiquette and Customer Service. All Attendants receive their Certificate upon completion of the Course.

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Why Heavenly Inc.?

Professional Team

Our team are excellently trained, and have had many years of experience in the various industries.

Cost Effective

From our courses to our catering, we are always making sure that we are price conscious. Saving you money.

Multi Lingual

Heavenly Inc. can provide English & Shona speaking instructors on request for any courses and catering functions.