Cookery Course Real Food Level 3

Our Cooking Courses will cover some of the Real Foods recipes, teaching you how to cook healthy and fresh meals for the household

Cookery Courses
What is this course about?


Our Cooking Courses will cover some of the Real Food recipes, this course is in partnership with Real Food, and is designed to show you how to get the most out of the Real Food Boxes. Each Real Food Level increases in difficulty, and will demonstrate different receipes on each level.



What we cover?

  • 3 x Breakfast Meals
  • 3 x Snack Meals
  • 3 x Lunch Meals
  • 3 x Dinner Meals
  • Take home basic home recipes book



Course Structure

  • 3 Day Course
  • Day 1 : Theory & Practical
  • Day 2 : Practical
  • Day 3 : Practical
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Tea & Lunch Breaks
  • Meals prepared are eaten by students
  • Stationery Included



What's the cost?


Certified Course

Real Food Level 3

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